Tag: Why Some People Fall in Love when Traveling

Jan 10

Why Some People Fall in Love when Traveling

You go to a restaurant and order a drink. Looking at a corner, you see a gorgeous lady that’s staring at you with a smiling face as she sips her drink. This marks the beginning of travel love and you can’t help but want to take her home. So, why do people fall in love so easily when traveling? Here are some of the reasons. 

Travelers Need an Escape 

Most people travel when in need of an escape. For instance, a person can travel to run away from a bad relationship, work troubles, or loss of a loved one. They need a distraction from troublesome feelings. Falling in love is, therefore, a welcome distraction. It enables travelers to avoid the crushing pressure of their reality back at home. 

People are Less Afraid when Traveling 

Once a person switches on their travel mod, they become prepared for anything. They just need adventure. This can come from skiing and surfing or sampling taste and strange cuisines. Falling in love with an attractive and mysterious stranger is also easy because a traveler is less afraid. 


When traveling alone, a person can get bored. While most travelers are brave and fears and they don’t need somebody to thank them, they feel nice to have somebody that has their back. It feels good to have somebody to hold and to be held. What’s more, two people are better than one when it comes to facing challenges. In addition to being vulnerable due to the possibility of being bored, travelers fall in love for purposes of companionship. 

Healing Purposes 

Some people travel after they have been hurt. As such, they fall in love when traveling to find out whether they have healed. They may be cautious back at home and push other people away because they don’t want to endure the same embarrassment. When traveling, a person is away from home. Thus, they can easily fall in love to see if they have healed. 

Being anonymous without acquaintances and friends makes it easy to try new things. And, falling in love can be one of those things. Nevertheless, it’s good to embrace romance when it comes your way whether you’re traveling or back at home. That’s because you might never know where true love will find you. …