Are you planning a journey to a place with different climatic condition? You need to prepare well before you leave. Many people have fallen sick due to climatic change effects. Your body needs time to adapt to the harsh conditions and enough time is what you do not have when travelling. The earth has different regions with diverse weather patterns. Some places are very hot while others are very cold. Some have low altitude while others are mountainous. The problem arises when you have to move from one region to another, and you are not adapted to the new conditions. Below are five points you need to familiarize yourself with so that your journey and stay may be stress-free and healthy.

1. Know the Facts

Whether you are travelling to Sahara or to Iceland, you need to know the actual climatic condition of your destination so that you can prepare adequately. A problem may arise if you are from a cold place and you want to travel to a hot area or vice versa. You can check the weather pattern and estimate the changes of temperature. If you live in a low altitude place and you move quickly to a high altitude, you may get sick.

2. Carry Enough Personal Effects to Mitigate the Change

Proper clothing can adequately protect you from adverse weather conditions. Woolen clothing from top to the feet might be all that you need if you are traveling from a tropical climate to a cold place. Light clothing is necessary if you are moving from a very cold place to a hot one. Remember to be in fashion in your new attire.

3. Pack Medicine

Your body may react when you move to a different climatic region. You should be prepared well. Dehydration is common in arid areas. Note that too much loss of body fluid by sweating cannot be rectified by drinking water only. You may need oral rehydration salts. If you are moving to an open desert, intravenous drip might be necessary. If you are asthmatic, do not forget to carry your nebulizer. What to carry depends on your health and your climatic region.

4. Get the Right Insurance Cover

Nowadays, there are insurance covers for all occurrences. Remember to visit your insurance broker before you leave and get the most appropriate cover for the effects of climatic change you may experience.

5. Enjoy the Change

Obey your innate urge to enjoy the journey. If you have prepared well, you should be happy for the whole of your trip. You can have a cold swim in Russia for example, if you are from Africa.


Due to global warming, the earth’s climatic zones are becoming harsher by the day. Cold places are becoming colder, and the deserts are growing hotter and expanding. Moving from one zone to another is becoming hard. You need to understand the climate of your destination before leaving so that you can be prepared adequately.