Month: May 2021

May 10

Want to Quit Your Job to Start Traveling- Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Long-term traveling is a topic that many people have discussed online for quite a while. Many travel personalities have inspired some people to quit their jobs to start traveling the world. But, do you have to leave your current job to travel the world? Here’s why this is not always the best option.

You Need to Get the Better of the Two Worlds

Having a job doesn’t mean you can’t travel and explore the world. Some people have full-time jobs, and they still travel. Ideally, you can take a leave from work and travel for months. If you love traveling, talk to your employer to give you leave when appropriate for you to travel. That way, you can keep your job and still travel the world.

You Should Maintain Long-Term Relationships

Humans are social beings. As such, you want to maintain long-term relationships with people that matter to you. Quitting your current job to lead a traveler’s life means you might not maintain those relationships. That’s because you will always be away from those people. However, you can travel for some months every year before returning home, where you have long-term relationships.

Traveling Won’t Fix All Your Problems

Some people quit their jobs to travel as a way to deal with emotional issues. However, this doesn’t always work. The best option is to deal with life problems first and then travel when you have a clear mind. That way, you can enjoy the adventures that life has to offer.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to quit your current job to travel the world. You can talk to your employer to give you a paid leave at a particular time of the year so that you can travel. Thus, you can go on a trip every year while still keeping your job. And over the years, you will have traveled to most places you want to visit.…

May 05

Travel Tips for Driving for a Long Distance

Jimmy Grana, a web designer on the Techy Ninjas team out of Texas shared with us about driving long distances, especially driving in Texas because everything is so far, you can drive 8 hours and still be in the same state, exhausting! So he asks, you’ve decided to drive for a long distance. But it would help if you had tips to guide you when traveling a long distance. It’s crucial that you stay safe when driving. If you intend to cover more than 300km, you’re going on a long-distance trip. Here are useful tips to guide you during the journey.


Start by planning your trip. Choose a travel destination and research it. Also, find out more about the route you will be taking. Check whether the roads are in good condition to avoid unpleasant surprises. Ideally, know even the places you will stop for food, fuel, and resting. Planning your trip will make it more enjoyable and comfortable.

Get Adequate Sleep

To avoid fatigue when driving, get adequate sleep a day before leaving. Go to bed early to allow your body and mind time to rest. Additionally, don’t consume intoxicants like alcohol before the trip.

Take a Break

Take a break every 200 km or two hours. For instance, you can stop to eat something, fill up, or use a bathroom. Ideally, make sure that you have a few minutes to stretch your legs. And this will give you the boost you need to continue the journey.

Drive with Someone

If possible, travel with somebody who can also drive. That way, you will avoid getting tired of being behind the wheels. Try to avoid being the one behind the wheel for more than ten hours a day.

Set Enough Travel Time Aside

Once you decide to travel a long distance, activate your holiday mode. Therefore, don’t rush to get to your destination. Instead, take your time to plan the trip and include resting time in your schedule. A relaxing drive will be more enjoyable than a rushed one.

Dress Comfortably 

Put on shoes and clothes that won’t interfere with your comfort in the car. And this is essential because any discomfort can affect your driving skills and ability. Therefore, find outfits you will be comfortable wearing inside a vehicle for a long time.

Follow these tips when traveling on the road to make your long-distance trip more enjoyable.  …